I didn't disclose siblings.

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Subject: I didn't disclose siblings.

I started my immigration process 2009 through an immgration lawyer. I was directed to my submit my family´s passport for visa. During this period of waiting our second baby was born so she needed to be included.

My siblings were not mentioned in my initial application form because at that time there was and still a lingering family issues. I come from a polygamous family and therefore, there was life threatening case that made me to flee to another country. I didn´t disclose my half and step brothers and sisters because we were not in talking terms and that notwithstanding, most of them got married and adopted their husband surnames which I don´t know .

I went to my home country twice this year because my father is really ill and that afforded the opportunity to start a peace process, some of my siblings refused to attend the meeting including my step-mother. The meeting was partially successfully as some that were present agreed to bury the hatchet.

While I was going home, I emailed my immigration attorney indicating that my father was sick. My attorney sent me an email to complete the additional family history again then I mailed her back asking her advice on including some of my siblings that I have made peace with. She insisted I ought to include all siblings and my fear is that the embassy would reject my application for not disclosing all my siblings initially. I have received her mail asking me to state to the embassy why I didn´t include all my siblings before.

Can someone advice me on what to do next.

John Max
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All your siblings are missing out on is 5 points for being related to you. Regulation 117 (9) (d)

Once you spill your glass of milk you can´t turn the clock back and un-spill your milk. You LIED and your excuse is NO excuse.

You have an Immigration Lawyer and you are asking this question here????


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Dear Roy,

I didn´t lie, It´s just exactly what happened. Well, I am not desperate about it.

Anyway, thank you for responding.

John Max
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What would you call a LIE?

Dictionary Definition
a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive;
an intentional untruth; a falsehood.

When you were asked on the forms to list your siblings you didn´t list any!

That was a false statement, so that is a LIE! It was an intentional untruth, so that was a LIE! Stating you had no siblings is a falsehood, so that is a LIE!


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U better forget about them,
honesty is the only thing that could destroy you
in Canada.
Conservatives will deport you if they find out
I know this from personal experience.

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Dear Roy,

Thank you for this great advice. As you can remember I stated that I am not desperate about going there.

The real reason I came to this forum is to share my experience so other applicants would not do the same thing.

To candid enough, I enjoy my job here.

John Max
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You lied in your application. It is called "misrepresentation".

In most cases, those are grounds to reject or revoke your status.

The question in the application is if you had any siblings and to list them.

It didn´t ask you if you are in good terms with them or not.
At the moment you signed the application saying no while is not the case, that constitutes a lie.

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Thank you once again for your professional advice and comments.

As a matter of fact, my life is more important than Immigration. He that wears shoes knows where it pitches. I have undergone a very difficult challenges because of polygamous family and I am not ready to risk either my life or that of my kids.

Parents do disown their children, as well I can also have the right to say this or that person is no longer my brother and sister, should my life be in danger.

Your comments are really helpful because I have seen my weaknesses that I should have disclosed all them.

But really I prefer to be alone rather than to put my life in danger.

John Max
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