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  Hello all,
I am in Canada and my new wife is in Japan as we wait for the immigration process. We filed in Aug and I got the app. package back today because we missed a signature on her IMM-5406 FORM. Does she have to sign the same form that they highlighted or can she print another one and send it to me so I can resubmit both with the package? Also, does it matter if one form is only hand written and the rest is typed? Thanks for any info. as there is no way to speak to anyone at cic.

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Have her sign on the form(IMM-5406) printed on whichever side of the Pacific Ocean.

You sent the applications ( sponsorship and PR for your wife) without her signature on the Additional Family Information.

CIC prefers neatly printed applications- type and print is most recommended. Anyone with Internet access can easily print and type forms.

One recommends a cover letter that why a second mailing was necessary which CIC values a lot. Dear Madame, Cordially yours.

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