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Subject: Applicant become pregnant..
  My husband sponsor me December 24, 2012 in Canada application. Then I did my medical and it show that I am not pregnant. Then the immigration send a mail that they recieve our application and after that we didnt hear anything from the immigration.After 9 months I got pregnant my question is do we have to inform the immigration that I am pregnant. Thank you so much
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Izza you have to inform about your pregnancy immediately. If you fail to inform any change in your condition and arrive in Canada as PR it will be too late. Your status can be taken away.


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Since when is a fetus a human being under Canadian Law or the IRPA?

Getting pregnant and proving same does not prove that your in a genuine relationship. Why would CIC want Izza to risk the health of her fetus to prove that her husband is the future biological father.

Relax be happy and wait for the birth of your child. Make sure he is working overtime because the birth of your child is going to cost lots of money.

Maybe just maybe if you have additional evidence to submit showing a real strong bond between you Izza and your sponsor you will get landed sooner than later.

Everyone should remember getting pregnant does not prove a relationship. It proves you can get pregnant.


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Thanks for the info I am already here in Canada as temporary worker since 2011 before my work permit expire my husband sponsor me. Right now we are just waiting the approval of our application. Thats why we don´t know if we have to inform them that I am pregnant. Thank you very much
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Congrats Izza..!!
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You don´t have to inform anybody that you are pregnant. What Hishge is telling you only proves that he/she knows very little about the immigration.

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