Do I need to extend my 4 year olds visa

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Subject: Do I need to extend my 4 year olds visa
  My husband and I moved to Canada almost 3 years ago with our now 4 year old daughter. My husband had a work visa and my daughter and I both had visitors visa´s, all valid for 3 years. We are applying for PR and as we have now had our medical examination results submitted and have had the request for our Right of Permanent Residency fees (which we´ve paid) we believe we´re in the final stages of getting this through. My husband had his visa extended for nearly a year as a result if changing jobs. I then applied for a work visa which was granted giving the same expiry as my husband´s new visa. As a result we both have another 11 months or so before our visa´s expire which should be more than enough time for us to get a substantive answer on our PR application. However, we never extended our daughter´s visa and as a result its about to expire. Do we need to extend this as she is only 4 and lives with both parents who both have valid visa´s and we are all in the process of (hopefully) getting PR?
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Do you mean permit and not Visa?



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