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  My office is in Toronto and sometimes I get contacted by people off this forum that are in another province. This person was in Alberta so I recommended Lawyer Raj Sharma.

Here is the result.


QSW landed Toronto - passport seized (in reply to: NETWORK OF IMMIGRATION COUNSELS)
I met a client who were approved under Quebec Skilled Worker program but landed Toronto earlier this week. They had a rental application with them in Mississauga triggered the CBSA officer to seize their passports and asked them to return next week for further examination.

The CBSA officer told them that their intentions were to stay in Ontario and not in Quebec, and their visa will be cancelled and they be deported back to Europe.

Any possible outcome during next week examination?

I think, they may be issued removal orders or referred for an admissibility hearing where a member may issue removal orders that can be appealed at IAD. I really don´t think that they can simply be deported.

I would appreciate Roy´s and other senior comments on it.




I know you to be a member of ICCRC and you should know the answer without hijacking a thread of mine.

There can be many reasons for an application. An application is just that an application. If not submitted it is just a substitute for toilet paper.

When people immigrate there is a huge amount of settlement that is required. If these people have friends in the GTA it is more than likely they will stay with them and seek out a residence in Quebec.

They could of been comparing rental properties between Ontario and Quebec.

You need to teach your clients how to respond to the basic questions they will be asked at their examination focusing on that CBSA will be compiling evidence against them.


Thank you sir! (in reply to: NETWORK OF IMMIGRATION COUNSELS)
Hello Mr.Roy,
We thought you forget about us that is why I didn´t contacted you. I really got shocked to see when you still following up with my case. We really appreciate it. Even if you far from alberta you showed us a right path to go on by recommended a right and best lawyer ever to us. We won´t forget you either Mr.Raj sharma in my life. If there is a approval from another panel for my permanent residency, for sure me and my husband will come and meet you in Toronto. I hope there will be a good news again. Thank you so much again sir...

@ Lavena

You are so welcome!!! Knowing who is a quality Immigration representative in another part of the country is key to ones survival in the Immigration business.

I personally have never met Raj Sharma but I have read some of his decisions and follow him on twitter. I was of the opinion that you and your husband had been wronged. The Federal court agreed with me and Mr. Sharma. Well not me he did all the work putting your argument forward.

Was happy just to point you in the right direction.

Others take retainers from clients than ask how to do the work.


Hi Lavena, Malaysia is a big country, if you moved to Sabah, Sarawak or other part of Malaysia, I am sure they do not have the means to track you down.

The reason I am saying this is because there is a good chance both of you might not find a job here and you will get even more depress...

That is just my 2 cents.

hello SG,
i just doesn´t want to be rude to you. i just cant explain to you what is my situation in Malaysia. try to put me in your shoes.. its easy for to say that i can go and live in Malaysia but only me and husband knows what went through there. moreover for your kind attention me my and husband is working here and still working since we arrived in Canada, who said so that that we couldn´t get job here in Canada only those lazy people will have a hard time to find job here. and we living happily and having a peace full life here.

or the internet trolls who used to post on the bathroom stalls like SG.


Permanent Residency for husband (in reply to: NETWORK OF IMMIGRATION COUNSELS)

I am a 54 year old who is married to a 51 year old. We have been married since March 2, 2011 but have not been afforded the opportunity to be together as a married couple. You see my husband is Cuban, yes he remains in Cuba because I believe that my government has wrongfully denied us. We love each other dearly, we have an abundance amount of documentation and pictures, documented emails, text messages and phone bills showing this. We just want to be together, to start our life together. It isn´t right, I hear stories of older people marrying a lot younger people and they get here to be together in no time. This actually happened with my brother in law. He was 30 and his Wife was 45, he wanted kids and she did not. They in fact, only knew each other for a total of 3weeks before they got married, they were allowed to be together and now of course they are divorced less then a year after he came to Canada. How does this happen and then they deny me and my husband with an amazing story and proof. I have been told that my brother in laws situation has affected mine as his wife called the embassy ranting when they separated, this is not right, we should be judged on our own merit.

Their reasoning was that they did not believe that my husband is as much into our relationship as I am. Are you kidding, I am a 54 year old woman who works with people on a daily basis who manipulate and lie everyday of their life, in a jail. I am not stupid nor am I at an age to gamble my job, family and friends for a marriage of convenience. I am 100% sure that my husband is as much in love with me as I am with him, there is no doubt in my mind. He shows me how much he loves me every time we are together and he always surprises me with a text or email when I least expect it.

We are now waiting for an appeal date, I called 2weeks ago to inquire when this might happen as it has been 15 months since I filed the appeal. The girl I talked to said that they are booked solid until the end of July with appeals from 2011, someone should be held accountable for this mismanagement. The government is famous for dictating integrity and accountability but does not follow the same rules, sounds like "Do as I say, not as I do", Hypocrites. I can truly say that as far as Fidel you know what you are dealing with but with Canada, one never knows.

I have only been able to see my husband once since last fall, my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last August and because our health system told her basically to just go home and bide her time, we have had to take her out of country for treatment and possible cure at our own expense, again, how does this happen? I would love to have my husband by my side to help support and be with me and my family at this time as we continue with my moms treatment.

I could go on and on with the stresses and financial burden this has caused me, please, I am asking for your compassion and help. Please help me get my husband with me so we can go through our lives together. I am not even sure that you will get this email, I can only pray for your assistance, make me and my family believers again in our system.


Judy Santos
7 Coulbeck Road
Brantford, Ontario
N3P 1B5

Judy Santos
The above email from me is directed at Roy. Can you help me?
Judy Santos

Being a former Correctional Officer of 15 years I can sympathize with your situation. You get lied to on a daily basis and can spot a con man a mile off.

The Immigration and Refugee Board at 74 Victoria Street have three floors of hearing rooms. Yet only one floor to hear Spousal Appeals while hearing rooms on the other two floors sit empty on most days.

The only way I can get to see Chris Alexander Minister of Immigration even though he is my member of parliament is to attend one of his fund raising events. He won by a slim margin and I received a robo call telling me to go to a different polling station. Conservatives do not care about loving couples being separated.

I was quoted in this article which led to an appearance on CTV National news about marriages with a client of mine who married a Cuban.

Sadly some Cuban´s (males & females) leave right after they get their PR card.

The Immigration Appeal Division may grant you an ADR Alternate Dispute Resolution hearing then say we believe you but we are sending this to a full appeal because they want your husband on record so they can go after him if he leaves you soon after his landing.

The next scheduling hearing to set hearing dates is November 1st that I know I have to attend.

You know my web site address and my contact details are there.



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