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Subject: Husband going on social assistance
I am a new permanent resident, landed in April 2013. I came with my husband and 3 kids from India under the Federal skilled worker category. I was the principal applicant. Me and my husband are jobless, but we can still manage to live about next 6 months as jobless. My husband is threatening me that he will go and apply for the social assistance. someone told me that if my husband take any money from government then I have to pay back the government, because i brought him in Canada as my spouse.
can anyone tell me that how long he will be under my sponsorship?

(in reply to: Husband going on social assistance)
(in reply to: Husband going on social assistance)
I am sorry to read that you are struggling to find employment. Sounds like your husband is getting bad information or is trying to intimidate you.

If his name was on your application, you did not sponsor him - he was part of your family applicaition, just as your children are. Therefore this whole issue of paying the government if he collects government assistance is not applicable.

However, social assistance is not as easy as he might think.

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