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Subject: My son's appliication
  Good Afternoon to all!

I would like to share my experience regarding my PR application. I just received an email from visa office yesterday. stated that I need to have 57,000 proof of fund coz my son´s disability. he got delayed development, I knew it that when I started my application. but my problem now, how come that they asking for the proof of fund. I came here to support my family back home. then I only have 60 days to prove to them that I am capable to shoulder all the expenses for my son´s medication when they come here. please give me some advice I don´t know what to do.

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@ Chard

Your posting is unusual based on this statement "I came here to support my family back home". There fore I am assuming you are already in Canada.

It is unlikely that you´re Landed due to the medical inadmissibility of your son.

Any answer would depend on all the minute details of his condition. You appear do be doing his application yourself.

Not the wisest decision.


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Yes, I´m working here in Alberta for almost 6years
I´ve got all the requirements waiting only for the passport
Request but my son got a developmental delay that´s
Why the officer is asking if I can provide that amount for the
Medication of my son when he comes here.

I believe it's difficult. (in reply to: My son's appliication)
I´ve heard some other cases as yours were refused. So sad.
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