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Subject: Not sure how to apply...
  Okay so this is a weird situation but I am wanting to move to Canada with my daughter so she can be with her father as we are working things out. She is in the process of getting her citizenship in Canada and will be a duel citizen of US and Canada, her father is Canadian as well however I am just a US citizen, how would I go about applying for a PR card so I would be able to get work in Canada?

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If you and your daughter´s father are married or common law (have lived together for at least one full year) - then he can sponsor you for PR provided you are still in a real relationship.

Otherwise you will have to qualify for PR through one of the normal immigration streams (skilled worker, skilled trade, provincial nominee). You can find out more about these programs here:

The fact your daughter is a Canadian citizen is of no help to you at this time (i.e. does not allow you to apply for PR). Once she is an adult and working, she will likely be able to sponsor you for PR. However for now, there is no benefit.

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