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Subject: Schedule A Background / Declaration Form

In regards to the Schedule A Background / Declaration Form, I am a bit confused on question 7 & 8 and hope that some one can help me.

Firstly I have an high school education, plus I have obtain 5 qualifications while working and studying at home. Does the studying at home count towards educational years or is it just the high school years that would count.

On question 7, ´Type of Certificate or Diploma issued´, I am unsure on what to put, for example I have a Bookkeeping qualification from the ICB in the UK, but the certificate only say´s level 2 in Bookkeeping? any idea what to put, I guess the field of study box would be Bookkeeping but not sure on type of certificate. Other example is I have a NCFE Equality & Diversity Level 2 Certificate. How would that be put into the boxes? Also for Secondary School in the UK do you put GCSE or just High School Diploma?

On question 8, I know you have to account for all your personal history, as I have been studying at home and working at the same time, do I need to put both or just work?

Any replies would be most helpful.


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