Got PR Visa while being out of status Restoration?

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Subject: Got PR Visa while being out of status Restoration?
  Dear Forum Experts

Today, I got my passport stamped with PR Visa (under PNP stream). Currently I am out of status since Sept 3rd.

My old passport has expired on Sept 3, about 10 days before receiving the new passport on Sept 14th. Of course, my work permit was expired as my old passport.

My three-years work-contract was about to be completed by the end of Sept.

I was planning to apply for restoration of my status after getting the new passport but I was not sure if I need to apply for new work permit or not because my contracts is already ended, so I was (and still) confused if I have to get new work contract before restoration or not, later (actually 2 days ago), I heard about BOWP and was studying it, in parallel, my tracking number was activated and my passport was in its way back to me.

Now after having the PR visa I need a clear understanding of specific issues:

Q1) Do I need to apply for Restoration of status before doing the landing step?

Q2) Am I required to apply for Bridging Work Permit as well?

Q3) Should I expect any difficulty during the landing step because of staying for sometime out of status and without work (still can not work without WP)?

Q3) What is the best option to have a smooth landing (without problems)?

Q4) Any special advices about landing?

Thank you!

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Lets get one thing straight in this post. "Today I got my passport stamped with PR Visa" I assume today was October 11 2013, correct?

Q1. No enter Canada and get Landed you will no longer need a work permit.

Q2. NO

Q3. Not really but you have to leave and re-enter if still here. Remember there are no need to apply for an exit visas from Canada.

Q4. Get your papers in order and bring in a list of any "Goods to Follow".

Roy Kellogg

My kid is still on my passport since coming to Canada (in reply to: Got PR Visa while being out of status Restoration?)
Dear Roy Kellogg,

Thank you very much for your kind help.

I have one more question please, my kid came with me to Canada few years ago, he was (and still) on my passport, we did not leave Canada at for several years (since arrival). someone said in another forum that each kid mush have his own passport for landing. Applying for a passport for him requires several months processing at my Original Country.

What are my options for him to landing ASAP?

Thanks again Sir!
All my respects.

s wrong COPR data is really for CBSA internal use only? (in reply to: Got PR Visa while being out of status Restoration?)

Dear Sir,

I have completed the landing procedures, everything was OK.

However, there were wrong date in my COPR Document, the CBSA officer said to me " you do not need to correct the COPR data, it is for OUR internal use".

I am not sure about the concept of internal use of wrong data. Any comment? Do you recommend making specific step(s) to correct the COPR data?

Thank you!

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