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  Hi there,

my cousin applied 3 years ago for PR. processing started 2 years ago and in December 2012, she did the medicals. In May 2013 she did the interview and was asked for additional information about her employement which she provided in June .. In October 2013 status changed to decision made what does this mean?


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Really frustrating isn´t it.

All that time and you get decision made and nothing more. Well if you would of posted more details as to the type of application, visa post etc. people here could of given a better response.

Focus on the positive, keep your fingers crossed and do not think negatively!

Wish you all the best.


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Thank you Roy for your response.

My cousin has applied through the Canadian Consulate in Rome. She applied with an offer or employment (I think the category is employment arrangement). So medicals were completed in Dec. 2012. The consulate came back asking for criminal clearance; she provided that document in January. Later in April she got a letter asking her for interview in May. She did the interview and as requested provided pay stabs and employment contract via FedEx in early June 2013. No contact since then. The only thing is the change of status to decision made in Oct.10.

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Hi There ... please advise ... much appreciated.
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