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Subject: Time for CSQ payment

I have mailed my CSQ application on March 14, and still haven´t been notified that my payment has been accepted (it will be done by the credit card form, so I will get notified by the bank). How long will that usually take?

Also my wife delivered our baby, should I wait till the payment is made to notify them? what exactly should I do in this case?


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Once you have a file number, you should inform them along with the additional fees (if required), and copies of birth certificate and the child´s passport.
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How do I know that I will get a file number? all I know is that they will reply to me in 4 to 7 months (as stated on the website) in order to inform me that my file has been opened.

"If your file meets the conditions for submitting an application, a letter confirming that your file has been opened will be sent to you within 4 to 7 months."

So you´re saying I should wait that much to inform them that I had a baby? and they will take their payment in this same 4-7 months?
Then what about the 30-days rule?

"To request a change to your application for a selection certificate or that of your spouse, complete the Change to an application for a selection certificate (Dynamic PDF, 82 Kb) form and return it to us along with the necessary documents within 30 days after the change."

Please clarify.
Thank you.

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I said wait for the file number because they can´t associate you with a file without the file number. May be you can just call or email them to know the best course of action.
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