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Subject: spouse sponsoring
  i recently received my COPR, i hav tght of landing canada have a few months stay go back to my home country get married then return to canada.and finally starting spousal sponsoring process as soon as possible.
will i be eligible to sponsor spouse with my this short period of stay as a pr in canada. i do hav my plan to reside in canada during the process.

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@ Susie

YES but..........

How do you intend to prove that your new spouse and you will not have to depend on welfare for support? A 39 http://laws.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/i-2.5/

39. A foreign national is inadmissible for financial reasons if they are or will be unable or unwilling to support themself or any other person who is dependent on them, and have not satisfied an officer that adequate arrangements for care and support, other than those that involve social assistance, have been made.

This week I met with an educated Lady who was referred to me from three successful spousal sponsorship clients. She wanted to do the Spousal application herself. She had filled in the wrong forms and did not clearly understand the process BUT she will do it herself.

I´ll get her as a client after her In-Land refusal when she is in tears. Should I charge her double?

Smarten up Susie and pay for some advice from a qualified, experienced authorized adviser. Your partner is worth every penny.


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