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Subject: offences on record wanting to enter canada
  My boyfriend can not cross into canada from the states as he has a few offences on his record. We plan to get married but not yet. We would like for him to be able to come visit in canada. And we want to live in canada once married. I´ve read that spouse sponsorship while he´s in the US is the fastest way. But what about his record of offences? Will they reject his application based on that? He is 2 years away from being able to apply for the rehabilitation application. I wondering if the seriousness of his offences will affect the spouse sponsorship application? It would really suck to get married and then he can´t live here with me.
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Getting married to you won´t change the fact that he´s inadmissible. If he´s inadmissible for visits now - then he´s also inadmissible for immigration purposes - including spousal sponsorship. Don´t bother starting the sponsorship process until he´s eligible for rehabilitation. If you want to get married now and don´t want to live apart, then you should plan to spend your first few years together in the US rather than Canada. Canada´s not an option for you right now.
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@ Alicia

We just dealt with a Spousal Sponsorship client who claimed they had a criminal conviction from the State of New York. When he finally got the evidence.

He got charged with several offences but only convicted for driving without a drivers license.

Without knowing which state and which statue no one can really answer your question without equating the conviction to a Canadian standard.

If he has truly changed his ways you can apply for a Ministers Permit to overcome the inadmissibility.


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