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Subject: My Mother Sponsorship Application
  Hello There,

I have sent the application to sponsor my mother who lives in Germany since Feb2010, I know that for some1 living in Europe it will take 4 years to start to look into the application, If I write a letter asking the immigration officer to look into the matter with compassion would it help??

My mother is 80 years old , I dont know how long we can wait to ahve her here , my kid is dying to see her do you think they would consider this specially my family over there are not able anymore to take care of her. My mother wont be a burden on OHAP system , she has no major health issues the only thing is shee need som1 to cook and clean for her. please let me know
thanks in advance

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No - writing a letter won´t help at all. She has to wait her turn just like everyone else.
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