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Subject: pr card
okay thanks can my spouse(sponsor) revoke my permanent residence card,if we divorced, i got my pr card in 2013 in land
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Your wife cannot revoke anything, that has to be ordered by a judge and done by CIC.

She can start the process of doing that, if she can proof that you entered a relationship just for convenience to get your PR.

Re-Entry to Canada without PR Card (in reply to: pr card)
Dear Sir,

I am Pakistan national and living in Saudi Arabia.

I got the PR visa in my Pakistani Passport.

I want to be Enter to Vancouver on 12-Jun-2014

I want to Returned back to Saudi Arabia after 20-days, before issuance of my PR card.

My PR card will be received at the address in Canada after 60-days.

Question: My friend want to send my PR card through FedEx to me address in Saudi Arabia, is it possible to be sended outside Canada through courier ?

Question: May I can enter to Canada on my Pakistani Passport without having PR card ?

Mohammad Yaqub
Saudi Arabia


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