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Subject: Clearwater, BC -- Why you don't want to move here!
  My family and I are writing this to advise those wishing to move to BC CANADA on why NOT to relocate to the town of Clearwater and area. We are newer to the community and have lived all over but this place is really not what BC is all about. Property is cheap, the town can be a resume builder, but at a high price.

Why you don´t want to live in Clearwater,BC and area:

1. outsiders are not welcome - everybody is cliquey and paranoid about anyone new.
2. wasps - they almost look like bees, but they are aggressive and bite over and over for no reason. They swarm your car and then chase you in droves when you get out, only to sting over and over.
3. mosquitos - a cloud of mosquitos follows you everywhere outdoors between April and October.
4. headaches - a high pressure zone for weather changes, you can expect migraines regularly.
5. radiation - the BC centre for disease control rates it as one of the highest naturally radiated zones in BC, if not Canada. There has been discussion about building a cancer institute/hospital close to Clearwater to deal with all of the leukaemia and brain tumours.
6. snow - buy a 4 x 4 vehicle with lots of clearance and studded tires or forget driving. The roads are not maintained, you live in the mountains and will slide all over the place-some people slide right off cliffs into the Thompson River and drown.
7. recreation (lack of) - we moved here because we like the outdoors. Forget hiking - the trails are not maintained and the wasps will prevent you from getting out of your vehicle. In the winter you better own a snowmobile and a hefty truck to move the thing or there is nothing to do. No dirt bike trails. Largest park in north america with some of the worst access roads and poorly maintained trails - some of the supposed trails don´t even have a trail head to find the place.
8. tourism - drives the economy through summer. Don´t know why anyone comes here-most people end up disappointed with their holidays! The place falls asleep outside of June through August and even the bakery closes. The campers that go 30km/h one after the other through the park are impossible to pass and make driving frustrating.
9. dental/medical - very spotty coverage. Move somewhere with a better set up if you have a chronic disease.
10. real estate - cheap but you get what you pay for. most properties are dilapidated and if yours isn´t, your neighbour´s place is.
11. rentals - get ready to live in a mobile home that doesn´t stay warm, with pipes that freeze in the winter- who needs water anyway? You can survive without water in the winter, right? This is renting in Clearwater - shabby building codes and no one to reinforce the rules. No one cares!
12. groceries/shopping - prepare to drive 1.5h to Kamloops if you want meat that doesn´t smell rotten, fruit that isn´t mushy/bruised, a haircut that is even, or clothes that aren´t used 3x over from the second hand thrift store. There is no proper shopping in this town.
13. Gasoline- there is something seriously wrong with the gas in this place. Both my vehicles suddenly need fuel filters. Do they dilute the gas with mud?
14. general ignorance- people here aren´t educated, it´s like they haven´t even completed high school basic science classes. many people here haven´t been anywhere else and they will argue about things that anyone else in the world who has been somewhere or gone to school would know is untrue. They shoot dogs in their backyards, drown/torture cats, run animals over on the roads without blinking, starve their horses, and generally think that they are right about everything when a basic google search will find the facts and prove them wrong. BUT be careful not to prove them wrong or you will be an outcast for knowing more.

I hope this helps understand why not to move here. We are getting out of here as soon as possible as it is ignorant hickville suffrage living in this place. Go anywhere else in BC!!!!

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