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Subject: Student Visa Denied
  Hello, I recently applied by myself to canada for a student visa. I included all the required documentation including a letter of invitation from some friends. But I was denied saying that I need to prove the funds in my bank account, that I do not have not have sufficient funds and that I have to prove that I will return to my home country. I do not know what to do next. Should I reply? Should I wait? If so for how long? Can I re apply? Should u change the type of visa I want? I really want to travel to canada y study there. Please help.
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You needed to show that you have enough in your bank account to cover your first year tuition + $10K in living expenses + $2K-3K in travel expenses. Did you have enough money in your bank account when you applied?

It sounds like you also do not have strong enough ties to your home country and this was another reason why you were refused. So you will need to demonstrate strong ties if you apply again.

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