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Subject: Canada is for Lovers
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It doesn´t matter if your heterosexual couple or a same sex couple. Canada Immigration welcomes all couples that are in a genuine relationship. It is that couples responsibility to prove that they are in a genuine relationship.

Proving one is in a genuine relationship is not as easy as most would think. Two people rarely comprehend the identical questions posed to them and answers can vary significantly. We all view the situation through our own eyes and pay special attention to what we care most about.

Something as simple as a mark or scar to one individual is nothing more than a beauty mark to the other. A couple could have a painting in their living room for more than a year and one partner could not describe it when asked to describe the painting.

Before you think you can do it yourself (DIY) have your partner write down on a piece of paper a detailed description on what they see when they walk in the front door. Make sure you do the same before you read their response.

If there are major differences, possibly it is time to retain someone to assist you with your Spousal Sponsorship.


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