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Subject: Common Law Partner-Permanent Residency
  Can I apply my common law partner for permanent residency if the following exist?:

(1) My common law partner is under an open work permit status in Edmonton and is currently, pregnant by me; and

(2) I am legally married in the Philippines and have not yet divorced. My legal wife arrived here in Canada as a landed immigrant under the Provincial Nomination Category last Feb 2014.

I am still living with my legal wife but plan to leave her soon.

Thank you.

Rupert Davis
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You can´t sponsor your new partner.

Common law means you´ve lived with someone for a minimum of one full year. If you are still living with your legal wife then you can´t be common law with someone else. You need to split from your wife (i.e. move out), then move in with your new partner. A year after you have moved in with your new partner you´ll be able to sponsor your new partner for PR. As of now, you can´t. You´re not common law.

COMMON LAW PARTNER-PERMANENT RESIDENCY (in reply to: Common Law Partner-Permanent Residency)
my daughter is in a live-in caregiver program (LICP) for 7 months from June 2014 and his fiance is a PR for 4 months and working full daughter´s work permit will expire in June 2015. What is better for her, to get married first to the PR and wait for an open permit or apply to extend her work permit as LICP/live out?
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