Spouse sponsor financial check and stay in canada

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Subject: Spouse sponsor financial check and stay in canada

I would apprrciate your advice on my sponsoring
My fiance who is currently staying canada as visitor.

My concerns are

1. If the cic disqulify sponsor for credit card and
Line of cedit debt which i have about $14k
I have a stable job pays $45k

2. My fiance has been staying canada for
4 months and we will marry in canada next month
If we apply for the sponsorship and immigration,
The visa post would give her any advantage on visa extension?
Or she is facing potential departure order that will end her
Immigration apication

Thanks in advance for your time


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Sponsors are not assessed based on Credit Card debt so relax.

Now if your fiancee has already submitted her application for landing from within Canada your spouse may or may not receive an extension. More likely she will receive an extension. If she is refused an extension do not worry unless she is Osama Bin Ladin sister.

What you need to focus on is the quality of the spousal sponsorship application not all this other stuff.


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