my PR visa was dinied

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Subject: my PR visa was dinied
  Last Monday I went to my PR interview.I am marry to a Canidian he was here in RD with me just because he wanted to be with me. We married 13 months ago.
I am not good under pressure and the officer was very tough and added presunctious comments to my answers or comments.
Well I did not do well. My visa was refused stating that my answers where vougue and did not satisfy him so he considered my marriage a not bonafide one. He did not go not even thru the many prove he has in his desk.

My husband and I are very sad.
Could I reapply or appeal and if the appeal is the answer under what ground can he apply?

Thanks for yur help with anticipation

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Josy the only option is to appeal.

Do you have copies of the refusal letters I can appeal for the two of you from Toronto while you are still there.


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Hi Josy,

I came across your post while looking up some answers for my questions. I was in your shoes a few months ago. You should def see a lawyer.

One of the lawyers that I dealt with has worked at the court in ottawa with a couple of judges. He has great experience with appeal and judicial reviews in the court. i don´t know his phone number off top of my head, but google Bassam was very professional and extremely helpful.
Good luck with everything. I know how it feels.

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