Issues with SP+spouse OWP, PLEASE HELP.

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Subject: Issues with SP+spouse OWP, PLEASE HELP.
  Hi all! I would appreciate any help or suggestions regarding my situation.
I want to go to Canada as a student and take my future wife with me (OWP).

We are both 26 years old. I hold a Masters Degree in Business Economics (graduated 2014), but I´ve been working in communications field for 1,5 years already. I want to get into 2-year diploma program in Business or Communications in Canada. I also hold an associate diploma from Buffalo, NY, USA, college. (2010-2011). I´ve been to Canada (visitor) and the U.S. (visitor, student, G4 visa) many times before. My fiancé has been to the U.S only once (2007, Work and Travel). Both of us have taken IELTS recently (7.5)

I am looking at September 2015, but I have to start collecting all the documents now.

Regarding finances: Salaries in my country are very low, so the is no way a person could gather the needed amount of money for education. However, I have an uncle, who is a Canadian citizen, but lives and works in the U.S. and he is ready to provide me and my future wife with all the finances for the education, accommodation, etc.

So here are my main concerns:

1. Is it O.K. that my uncle is providing us with the money? He is an anesthesiologist in the U.S., so he doesn´t have any issues with it. We don´t have bank accounts in my country, and even if we create one, it will be very complicated to transfer money there. So is possible that he will just provide a letter and his bank account, etc. I mean he will just show it, but I won´t have physical access to the money, he will be paying on his own. There is another option, which is more complex, he can make me a joint holder of his account. And does my wife has to show proof of finances for herself (and how) if she is also dependent on my uncle´s money?

2. We don´t have strong ties in our home country, besides our parents and siblings. We are both working, however, but I am not sure if it plays any role...

3. Ideally would be getting into 2-year Diploma program, but there might be issues with visa. Wouldn´t it look strange that I am lowering, so to say, my education? Or is it better to choose a Post-Graduate certificate program (but it´s only 1 year, and I need 2 years)

4. We will marry in October this year, and we will apply for visa somewhere in April 2015. Do we have to provide evidence of our genuine relationship? We only have travelled together. We don´t pay rent together, and don´t have bank accounts. Or marriage certificate will be enough?

Sorry for such a long post, but I am really confused about these 4 issues. If you know anything, please kindly suggest me. Thanks!

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