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Subject: marriage fraud attempt
  Hello, i am a man who over the last year had a relationship with a foreigner while living for some time in both Canada and her country. Today I looked up marriage fraud and realized that in fact it is not restricted to "mail order brides" but actually people can have a long term fake relationship in order to enter Canada by marriage fraud. And today i have been coming to terms with the reality that the woman who i was about to sponsor into Canada just in a couple of weeks is a narcissistic con artist who with the help of her family and two friends has been trying to use me, and did not love me. While i consider myself lucky to realize this i cant come to terms with it because i love her. Also i am afraid of any revenge her or her family would take on me for breaking up with her (considering that they are organized criminal cons at the least). While she is overseas now we were planning to start our lives in Canada soon with my sponsorship. I would appreciate any advice on how to come to terms with this and also what i should do (how should i end things and should i contact the border services)? Legally i have no obligation to her but its hard for me to end things because i dont KNOW for certain. i just dont see how after looking back over the last year and connecting the dots that she really did ever love me.
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What is wrong with you?

You claim you lived with her in her country and she lived with you in Canada. YOU enjoyed her company and YOU kept the relationship growing.

All of a sudden YOU ask for advice by posting here yet YOU have provided not one shred of evidence this former lover of yours did anything wrong.

Telling anyone including the readers here that someone did something without any solid evidence will get you no advice accept.

Grow some B**ls tell her it is over and walk away.


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I can see why Roy is not a marriage counselor.
You know the facts better than anyone else so you have to make this decision alone, unfortunately. However, you should also know that at Canadian law if a spousal sponsorship falls apart within two years after the spouse arrives in Canada then she can lose her status and be sent home. So her commitment has to be genuine enough to last two years. That is a pretty significant test. She should know that.
Good luck with this. Long distance relationships are a challenge. It is not unusual for people to have doubts along the way. I hope it all works out for the best.

Gregory James
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@ Gregory

Before I accept any potential client for a Spousal Sponsorship application I ask several questions to assure myself that they are in a genuine relationship which is likely to continue because......

I believe in putting all loving couples under the same roof, in the same bed sooner, legally, is the right thing to do.

Accepting clients with relationships that would not likely last the processing times because I need to pay my bills is something I won´t do.

My task is to assist loving couples to prove their genuine relationship, not to be a marriage counselor.


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