How To Win Spousal Appeal.

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Subject: How To Win Spousal Appeal.
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Forget about Doing It Yourself (DIY).

Only retain a Counsel who has the experience and time to ensure that you and your partner will be prepares sufficiently to answer all of the Ministers Counsels questions.

Not all Husbands or Wives think alike.

The key to winning any appeal is to have a Counsel that can highlight the reasons for refusal that were (not valid). Counsel should meet with you and your partner (In-Person, Skype, Phone) enough times to ensure the two of you will know how to respond to the reasons the Visa Officer claimed were valid.

Once all the discrepancies have been resolved than he/she can go about showing how strong a bond the two of you have.

Make sure that any Counsel who you retain is willing and able to spend sufficient time with you to prepare you BOTH for your appeal.


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