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Subject: Permanent Residence Renewal
  I just renewed my P.R. card this week and the expiration will be on February 27, 2015. My wife passed away last week and I will bringing her body to the Philippines on January 27, 2015. Upon arriving to the Philippines, we will having a vigil for a week before the internment take place.After the internment, I will be sorting some documentations on her burial claims, pension matters, etc. In this regard, Please advise If I can still gain entry in Canada after the expiration of my P.R. I.D. without my new P.R. Card. Please advise what to do so that I will not have any problem on my re-entry in Canada.

Thank you very much in advance.

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You will need either your new PR card or a travel document to return to Canada. You can´t use an expired PR card.
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Kindly advise how and where I can obtain a travel document. Shall I have the travel documents to my country of destination? Please advise. Thank you very much.
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The problem is not your re-entry into Canada. The problem is that the airline is not going to let you board the plane.

You can explain your situation and ask to get your card expedited. If that doesn´t work, you can contact the Canadian Embassy in your home country and they can issue a document to travel back to Canada.

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