H&C first stage over the phone ,2 weeks no mail

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Subject: H&C first stage over the phone ,2 weeks no mail
  Hi guys I am from Zimbabwe , I apply for permanent residence under H&C program; because I was a failed refugee claimant . I gave birth with 2 canadians kids here, my husband is also under removal.
On January 8 I got a call from an immigration officer asking me some questions and telling me my application got a 1st stage approuval and I will get the letter soon and also telling me it will take up to year or two for second stage because I will have to do medical etc...now can I apply also for my husband ? His work permit will expired also in October this year. I also have 2 kids back in my country , can I ask for a temporary visas for them to visit me even for short periods because I missed them , I left them since they was 3 years& 7.. now 15 years and 19 years
...Please give us good advise and do you think the call is genius? Because 2 weeks no mail yet. We even have big party to share the good news. That a very good Christmas gift. Soooo happy.

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