Uk education versus Canadian, help required

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Subject: Uk education versus Canadian, help required
  My husband will be studying in Canada for 2 years & then changing that to a temporary work visa for the following couple of years. Myself and son will join him in July but I am wary, as I´ll be taking him out school at the end of his UK school year 10, which is the first year of studying towards his GCSE´s. I´d be interested to hear if anyone else has ever done this and their experiences of the education system...especially in Calgary. I´m in two minds whether to delay mine & my son´s move until he has completed his GCSE´s.
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Achieving a combination of GCE Ordinary level plus GCE Advanced level results while remaining in the U.K for the next 4 years will favourably fulfill admission requirement for York university admission located in Toronto. However, your husband will be studying all by himself.

In another scenario, by moving to Canada all together, your son will need to enroll possibly as Grade 10 in the provincial education system which differs from province to another.

It is up to you, your husband and your son to decide. If you truly value your family closeness and spend time together, you may have to pack up and come to Calgary. If you suppose that your son´s education in the U.K is worth a sacrifice for, it would be one of the hardest decision you´d ever make.

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