Bring Home the Good Fortune this 2015

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Subject: Bring Home the Good Fortune this 2015
  "Kung Hei Fat Choy Kababayan!"
Are you one of those Filipino who celebrates Chinese New Year as a part of your culture? Do you have problems on keeping your myths and traditions but still have a belief of attracting luck, wealth and prosperity? Do you want to share some of your blessings to your family in the Philippines even without your presence? Since the Chinese New Year may also be a ˇ§thanks giving dayˇ¨ for us. We believe that giving gift is also part of the tradition. To help you with this, I will suggest a No.1 Online Gift Certificate that will solve all the hassles you may think in sending gifts to Philippines, It might also change your mind that sending Gift Certificates is better than sending a bulk of balikbayan boxes.
Purchasing something online is as fast as lightning all you got to have is an internet connection and money for payment. Online shopping or buying is the new trend now itˇ¦s easy, you just got to choose from the thousands of online sellers the credible of all. Giving gift could be hard, but giving gift certificates as a present could be easy now, there are a lot of advantages you donˇ¦t know you might have when you consider giving gift certificates as a present. Here are some advantages that could make you say yes to Gift Certificates:
„Ď They will make it easy For You. It just have the same steps as doing your orders online in which all you guys have to do is to open your computer, go online to their website, register, make the orders and send them out to your special some ones.

„Ď BE HASSLE FREE! The major advantage of giving SM Gift Pass or Sodexo Premium pass to your loved ones is that you wonˇ¦t experience the hassle of buying, wrapping and sending those items to your loved ones because in their upcoming website itˇ¦s just a click away.

„Ď You are secured. That it is used it in a good way because those gift certificates couldnˇ¦t be used for gambling, but rather on dining in or out, relaxing, and pampering yourselves at SM affiliated establishments or to over 8000 other affiliated merchants nationwide.

„Ď Make it more Personal. By choosing the best style of envelope that would suite your receiverˇ¦s taste and having your personal message on it.

„Ď FREE SHIPPING!!! Donˇ¦t ever forget that with a minimum purchase of P2000, it will be free of delivery charge to the Philippines nationwide.
SM and Sodexo understands what we need and they are beginning to satisfy our wants all we just need to do is to participate in their online gift certificate store, do the orders and send gifts online through our family, friends, co-workers and godchildrenˇ¦s home. What are you waiting for? Open your computers or even your gadgets access it to the internet, type and send gifts online to your love ones location in just a click away.

Gc Regalo
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