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Subject: Citizenship application questions
  I got my PR (within Canada through H &C) in January 2013. The CIC officer that time told me that I can apply for Canadian Citizenship after two years.
My questions are that after the recent changes in the Citizenship and Immigration laws;

A) can I apply for Citizenship now or do I have to wait 3 years
B) what documents I do have to submit along the application, fee and Photos.

I am planning to apply for Citizenship before the end of February 2015. After I got my PR, I only went few times to USA for day trips, no overnight stay.

Thank you.

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A) You can apply for citizenship if you have lived in Canada for 1095 days out of the last four years. Note that the days before you became a PR only count as half days for the purposes of this calculation. You should use the online citizenship residency calculator provided by CIC to make sure you have enough days to apply.
B) See the CIC web site for full details on how to apply.

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I had a very long wait for my citizenship.
At last I got oath letter, but was informed at oath ceremony, that I can not take my oath and they will get back to me with details.

I need good lawyer to represent me.

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how much time did you spend in Canada? that´s true, you have to stay for 1095 days and after you can apply
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