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Subject: Sponsoring Children
  I am a Canadian living in the USA. I was not born in Canada, so CIC says I need to apply for my children to be permanent residency before they can become citizens. I have a few questions about this and cannot call CIC from outside of Canada. Therefore I need help from this online forum. Here are my questions:

1. Can I apply for both children on the same application?

2. Which particular forms do I need to fill out if it is just for two children under 19?

3. Do I pay $475 for right to permanent residency only one time or do I have to pay that fees twice (once for each child)?

4. Can I apply for citizenship for them at the same time as I apply for residency?

5. Do I pay $100 for right of citizenship once for both children or $100 per child?6. What other fees do I need to pay for this process?

6. Is there a way to contact CIC from outside of Canada?

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I´m not sure, but I think you have to do the application for each child separately
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