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Subject: help???
  Can some one help me?
I came here legally with a work permit that expires in January 2016, however because of ill-treatment I quit my job, and started a new one! I have not gotten a new work permit yet. But my employer is trying to get one! We paid taxes and I have gotten a T4 from this job and the previous one! Do I file my taxes or not? Does CRA know that I worked some where else? I´m scared now of what could happen

Worried chick
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You´re working illegally which makes you deportable from Canada. If taxes were paid and you received a T4 - then yes, the government will be able to easily see you are working without authorization. Since you are working illegally, there is really zero chance a new work permit is going to be approved.

Time to stop working and leave Canada. Since you worked illegally, you´ll need to wait six months from the time you leave Canada before you can try applying for another work permit (there is a six month ban for illegal work).

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You had to prepare all the papers before your new job.

Now it´s better to leave and do everything once again legally!

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