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Did any one of you use the services of (immigration lawyers) ? They are also called Niren and associates. If you have retained them how was your experience ? i am planning to use them for sponsoring my spouse so i wanted to get some feedback before i retain them. Also, is there any particular lawyer i need to avoid in their team or hire based on your interaction.

Any help would be of great help.


I want Contract Marrige (in reply to:
My name is Muhammad Furqan. I am live in Lahore. I am working in accounts department as a Finance Executive.
I want to marriage with any Europe citizen girl/women my age is around 33 years.
If any Europe girl or women want to contract marriage(on paper)I can give up to $7000 to $8,000. I will give all expenses of divorce also.
f any body interested please contact on my mail ID and response here, my mail ID-
my contact no +923084444785 & +923154003383.

Muhammad Furqan
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