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Subject: Sponsor Parents - Need Advise Pls

I submitted my application to sponsor my parents at the beginning of 2015, and the application was received by CIC on Jan.5 2015, basically the first or second working day after New Year.

Now my application was returned CIC, stating that they have now reached their annual quota of 5,000 applications and mine was not the first 5,000, which means I have to wait for another year!

It is hard for me to be convinced that my application was not processed because it was ´late´, unless there are solid proof showing so. My question is:

- If applications received on Jan.5th was already late, does this mean any applications received on Jan.6th or after were ALL returned? How do we inquire CIC to provide relevant data to convince citizens on their transparency in this process?

- For mails delivered on the same day, how do we know that it was opened/examined on a sequential and timely manner, on a ´first-come-first-served´ basis? Can we inquire CIC to provide information on this procedure to show that they have an effective system to track and record mails? If not, how do we know that our applications were treated fairly an equally?

Any advises are highly appreciated, I need to have my questions answered before simply accepting a rejection letter from CIC and waiting for another precious year. I am also ready to consult a legal advisor if anyone can be of help on this case.

Thank you in advance.


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Yes - the cap was reached sometime on the morning of January 5th. Yes - all applications received after the cap was reached have been or are being returned.

CIC stamps applications with the date and time as they are received by their mail room and then opens them in that order until the cap is filled.

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Thank you for your reply.

CIC only stamps the date, what about mails received on the same date, how does CIC prioritize them and ensure they are sequential?

Thank you.

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CIC keeps the applications in the order they were received in their mail office and processes them in this order. Based on extensive posts on other web sites, we know that applications received on the 2nd were accepted (first business day) and applications received early on the 5th were accepted (second business day). Feel free to get a legal opinion - but you´ll just be wasting your time and money. There is nothing to argue or appeal. Your application arrived too late. You´ll have to try again next year
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Unfortunately, yes=(( that´s true.
that´s a very small number 5000 for Canada. And it´s possible that you were late.=(

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