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Subject: Child of Canadian Citizen
  hello guys ! i have a question regarding my child citizenship. my husband is Canadian Citizen and my application to sponsorship is in process and currently im not in Canada and i have a baby boy last week. i am just wondering if my child is Canadian citizen too ? my husband got his Canadian Citizenship last year. i need your expert advice please. help me out. thanks everyone.
isha shezad
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Congratulations with your baby! But your baby is not a Canadian citizen unless he was born in Canada. What I know is that you will have to sponsor the baby in order to obtain the citizenship. But for now, he is not a citizen of Canda
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The answer above is completely incorrect. The child is a citizen and you just need to apply for proof of citizenship.
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The child is a Canadian citizen by birth because one of the parent is a Canadian citizen when he/she born .
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