due to scoliosis can i immigrate visa

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Subject: due to scoliosis can i immigrate visa
  To know i want to study in canada
but i came to know that students are medically examined .
unfortunately i have a scholiosis problem (a slight turn in the backbone)
will i be disqualified due to that? in medical test
so i want to know that shall i proceed further or not ?
or simply drop the plan for studying in foreign because of my bone abnormality
!!! please suggest !!!!

due to scoliosis can i immigrate visa (in reply to: due to scoliosis can i immigrate visa)
Its unlikely that this will disqualify you unless you require costly and regular medical attention. One option is to contact a doctor who does examinations for citizenship and immigration canada in your geographic area and ask him/her whether you will be disqualified. One site with lots of info on immigration that you may also look at to find tips is uniivaa.com. I don´t know if they specfically have something about that but there is a lot there so they might.
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