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Subject: Online status disappear
  I applied in November 2012, within 2 months i got an application no. and my case was displayed online. After a year all of a sudden my case disappeared and when i tried to log in it displays that my id or password is incorrect. when i contacted my consultant he replies that when embassy is ready to provide the nomination it closes the file. Now it has been more than two years but i havn´t received any nomination.

Please answer my query if any one can.

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All you can do is just wait because there is no way to check if the online status disappear =(
Hello Anila (in reply to: Online status disappear)
I am having the same problem just in a different way. I applied a month and a half ago for a study permit and i got the request for study permit two weeks after application. I had the medicals done a week later and forwarded and i was told by the physician that the visa office would contact me two weeks later.

Its would be exactly two weeks today and i have not heard anything . I have been trying to track the application online but it says incorrect information or the file does not exist. I dont not know why.

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