Chances of immigration ?

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Subject: Chances of immigration ?
  I have a masters degree in computer engineering from India. I have CCIE networking certification and 2 year work experience in networking field. I want to immigrate to Canada for better job prospects. I think I have enough qualification and experience to obtain a job offer. But I am not aware of policies and procedures of Canada and I havenít yet contacted an immigration lawyer like Green and Spiegel in Toronto, ( ). I want to know more about my chances of successful immigration from someone who went through similar procedures which can be really helpful. Is there anyone here that can help me?

Russell Jones
yes you can immigrate (in reply to: Chances of immigration ?)
you are well qualified and yes you can get immigrate. i been facing the same problem and i am from dubai. then i see the website. . they will help you
tina summers
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you have a very good chance for the immigration!!
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