Martial status update during process of applicatin

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Subject: Martial status update during process of applicatin
  Hi everone,
I applied to cic through PNP in Aug 2014, i got my AOR and medical request in october. I go married in January 2015, and updated CIC in march 18th and payed $550 fee for my spouse. I sent my documents to PO Box address, adn confirmed at canada post website that my documents got delivered. My status changes to in process , but i never got any confirmation from cic that my spouse is added to my application. So i called CIC call center and agent told me that CIC didn´T recieve any information regarding my marriage. She advised me to resend my documents again at courier address (49 dorchester) instead of PO box. I already sent original forms signed by my wife to CIC on march 18th, but i had photocopies of all documents. So i sent photocpoies of all doc´s again witha cover letter explaining every thing. I also emailed CIC and explained them all situation.
Can someone please advise me if i am doing i right. or there is another way to update martial status.

Harpreet Singh
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