spousal sponsorship under LICP denied

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Subject: spousal sponsorship under LICP denied
  hi, i wish i can get help from this forum.
I came to canada in 2005 as a caregiver. After being eligible for PR, i applied with open permit and sponsoring my husband in the philippines. Now its 2015, i have been renewing open permit only because i was fooled and given false hope that my husband submitted the application to Manila. But found out that he never complied to any of the processings.
I got a mail from cic that my open permit will only be until December and i will have to go back to Philippines. (Deportation).
What can i do best to get my PR alone, and meantime keep my permit also. Its not my fault if my marriage failed.
Please help me....


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Any lawyer who could help me?
Please give references.

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