long wait for interview schedule.

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Subject: long wait for interview schedule.
My application is for permanent resident under the live in caregiver.last October 2014 i got a letter stated that my application for permanent resident has been approved and ask me to send my dependent passport to local visa office..and also stated that wait for the cic etobicoke to contact you for an interview, but until now i didnt receive any schedule and CIC sent me a letter to re assess my dependent medical coz the medical was expire..last february.
my concerned are,
Is there any hope for my residency to be granted?
Do you have any idea what was happened why until now i havent received an interview schedule ?
Are they givin me an interview schedule or they will process my application again from the very start..
and do you have ideas how long i will be waiting to reply my application.

please share your ideas,or any information regarding this problem
thank you so much.

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im so serious of this matter but why your reply it seems unpleasant,why we need to get a fake and false documents? i am willing to wait the papers as long as in a proper procedure..
thank you so much...

please to those who have any info regarding my question i am still waiting you sincerely.
thank you very much

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