Breast Cancer during PR application

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Subject: Breast Cancer during PR application
  Hi. I am TFW working at canada and just recently received my provincial nomination. But 2 weeks after that, I was diagnosed with Breast cancer. My doctor immediately scheduled me for operation and we did Mastectomy. She said the cancerous lump was already removed, my node is free of cancer and right now I don´t have cancer cells in my body but she suggested me to undergo chemotherapy to prevent recurrence. I declined chemo because I more believe in staying healthy thru vegan, fish & exercise.

My question: If I submit my PR application, is my conditionwill be a ground for medical inadmissibilty? I am the primary applicant with 2 kids & hubby dependents. i need to repeat that the doctor told me that I am free of cancer cell right now, chemo is only a prevention for recurrence.

I need your opinion, please.

Thank you.

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