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Subject: Sponsoring my father and dependent sister
  Hello everyone,

I am a Canadian Citizen. My sister is studying currently in Canada and will be turning 20 this September (September 2015). She is financially dependent on our father for her education, housing etc.

I was wondering if I can sponsors my father for PR; would my sister also be eligible for a PR sponsorship along my father since she is his dependent child? Also, if she is eligible, does anyone has any experience/knowledge regarding how much time it would take to process the PR application?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Yes - you can certainly sponsor your father provided you meet the income requirements. You should expect the processing of his application to take 4+ years. No - unfortunately your sister cannot be included as a dependent in his applications since she is 19 years old or over. It doesn´t matter that she is dependent on him for her education / housing. Her age unfortunately disqualifies her as a dependent.
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