Chances of PR status for canada?

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Subject: Chances of PR status for canada?
  I have a bachelor degree in computer(Bachelor Of Computer Application - Duration of degree 3 years part time)engineering from India.
I have done CCIE in Routing & Switching + VOICE, it is expert level of certification in networking and 6 years of work experience in networking field after higher seconery certification and 1 year of experience after completion of degree certificate. as per given details I want to immigrate to Canada with applying PR, Also I want to know on eligibility for same, But I am not sure about the step by step process to apply for an PR application and also mentioned above degree is compatible with canadian standard education?
I have contacted one of the lawyer based in canada but I am not sure how they will help and whether they are genuine or not.
It will be appriciated if someone will assist on same.. Thanks

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You haven´t provided enough information for any of us to assess if you qualify to apply to immigrate to Canada. Before you can even apply, you will have to submit your education for official assessment and will also have to take a language test. I would recommend that you start by researching about the Express Entry immigration program. Detailed information is available here:
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What kind of information you are looking from me so that you can assist me better?
I will really apppreciate if you mentioned the deatil list of requirement to be require for you to understand in matter of my case..

I have already start my education assessment procedure through WES and simultaneously I giving the IELTS also..

Thank you !!

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Again, the details requirements are here:

You´ll have to read through these requirements on your own to determine if you qualify.

If you want further assistance, you should hire an immigration consultant or lawyer to assist you.

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