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Subject: Sponsor my childrens father
I´ve been married to my husband for 8 years ,seperated for 3 . He´s been in and out of Canada during this time . He´s got a good Canadian education , no criminal record . he´s the father of my three children one of which is not biologically his . Right now he´s here on a working visa as our son got really sick last year . It ends in December .Essentially when our sons treatment is done . My kids deserve there father here he´s a good parent. The issue is they are all under the age of 18 , is there any loop hole in Canadian immigration system that would support him becoming a citizen ?

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No - there is no loop hole. It´s actually impossible for him to become a citizen directly. He must become a permanent resident first and then live in Canada for several years before he will qualify for citizenship.

You cannot sponsor him for PR since you are no longer together. Your children are too young to sponsor him.

Has he looked into apply for PR independently (e.g. as a skilled worker)? Alternatively I suppose he can try applying for PR via the Humanitarian & Compassionate route. However there´s absolutely no guarantee this will work and he would be far better off applying on his own (e.g. as a skilled worker).

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