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Subject: PR Expiring
  Apologies if this questions was asked before.

My family and I have landed in Toronto on Sep 21, 2012 to apply for the PR and left on Oct 3, 2012.

Now, to be eligible for extension of the PR I know that I need to live in Canada for 2 years. Questions:

a) Will 13 days of my initial stay count towards the 730 days?
b) Does it have to be exactly 730 days? What if it is 700, will they reject the extension?


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a) Yes - your initial days will be counted towards the 730 day total.
b) Yes - you must have 730 or more days of residency in the last five years before you apply to renew your PR card. Otherwise you should expect your PR card to be refused. If you don´t have sufficient days by the time your PR card expires, you should wait until you have enough days before you apply.

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