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Subject: Baby London? Baby Montreal?

Dee London
Baby London? Baby Montreal? (in reply to: Baby London? Baby Montreal?)
Sorry I posted before sending my message!
Could someone advise - I have my PR for Quebec since last year and I am due to move over late this year/early next year. In that time I have married a wonderful man (British Citz like me) and we will be submitting his papers as soon as I move to Canada.
BUT - in the meantime I have just found out I am pregnant with the child due March/April :-)
My question is - is it simple enough for me to move over with my child once born and would they get a status based on my status or for ease of paperwork etc would it be better for me to give birth to my child in Montreal? Bearing in mind most of my family is in London and I could only move when my maternity leave from work kicks in, so quite close to the birth?
I look forward to hearing from you...

Dee London
hi (in reply to: Baby London? Baby Montreal?)
If the baby is born in Montreal he/she automatically becomes a naturalized (by birth) a Canadian citizen.

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