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Subject: common law/conjugal relationship sponsorship
  I have a few questions regarding immigration via the sponsorship route.

Me and my partner have been together since September 2013 and living together since June 2014, however we have lived in 3 different places and between the UK and Canada within that time. Will this still count as common law or does it have to be in the same place for a total of 1 year?

Ohh and my partner is a Canadian citizen and able to be a sponsor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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You don´t have to live in the same location for a year - the year can certainly be spread across multiple locations and still qualify for common law. The key is being able to prove common law through shared leases/rental agreements, shared property ownership documents, shared utility bills, etc. So if you have all of that evidence to cover you for the full year - you´re good.

FYI - you won´t qualify under conjugal. Don´t go this route.

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