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Subject: Change in PR status
  Hi all
I applied and got my PR for Quebec just over a year ago. In that time I have gotten married and I´m now pregnant. I´m going to apply for my husband but what are the rules for children? Would it be a problem if I take a newborn over (I plan to have moved over early next year) or would it be better for me to have the baby in Montreal at which point they can take up Canadian citizenship (I think). I have a British passport by the way.
Dee London

Dee London
(in reply to: Change in PR status)
It´s simple. You have to update your application and include your husband in your application since your status has changed, do it asap.

As for the baby, depends. If the baby is born outside of Canada, then you have to update your application before traveling to Canada.

If you and your husband (after being approved) move to Canada and the baby is born in Canada, then the baby will be a Canadian citizen by birth.

Decision has been made (in reply to: Change in PR status)
As per online status of my application visa office has been made decision 5 months ago.but i still waiting for letter from canadian high commission.please tell me how much time more the visa office can take to contact me??

Gurcharan singh
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