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Subject: after refusal of refugee status
  Dear Sir/ Madam,
My mother´s Refugee Claim was rejected in Aug. 2014. She is 83 years old with triple bypass surgery done in 2013. Unfortunately my native country Bulgaria is a far cry from developing any reasonable form of care for the elderly so I had to come with her to Bulgaria to take care for her. This step cost me a LOT. As we left Canada within a month from the Court decision I am wondering can I apply from Bulgaria for Parents/Grandparents´ Supervisa? I am a Canadian citizen, own a house in Toronto and my profession is RMT (Registered Massage Therapist).
Thank you in advance

Evelin Dobreva
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Nothing prevents you from applying, the question is if there is any chance of her visa to be approved.

Not likely. I would consider alternate care from her home country.

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There´s really zero chance of a super visa approval for your mother. To be approved, she will have to pass a medical - unlikely this will happen given the triple bypass. She will also have to demonstrate strong ties to her home country and prove she has no plans on remaining in Canada long term - the failed refugee claim shows the opposite.

I wouldn´t bother applying. It will just be a waste of money.

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